All My Friends are Animals

A co-production with Babelle Theatre
Written by James Gordon King
Directed by Marie Farsi

September 18 - 23, 2018
Vancouver, Russian Hall
50 min. Ages 10+

"An all-ages romp from the city into the wild"

When a bear wanders from the mountains into the city, natural boundaries are blurred and a perplexed teenager named Jo struggles to makes her way home. On her adventures, she crosses paths with coyotes, raccoons, and mice, and learns the importance of trusting her instincts. Inspired by the real-life story of a bear that entered downtown Vancouver in the Winter of 2011, All My Friends Are Animals is about the extraordinary nature of these encounters and the primal feelings they awaken. Intended for audiences aged 10 and up, this is a playful little piece that ignites a youthful spirit and sense of delight. 

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Study Guide

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About Babelle Theatre

Babelle Theatre is based out of Vancouver, BC and co-directed by Marie Farsi and James Gordon King. The company's mandate is to produce experimental and ambitious theatrical performance work. Their practice, inspired by multiple cultural traditions, aims to push borders of space and language and to assemble the common from the dissimilar.

“experience it

"It’s fantastic because what Babelle Theatre chooses not to do is exactly what makes it so compelling. It encourages you to give up what you take for granted about theatre, so that you may actually experience it."

— By Dale MacDonald, Daily Hive


Tickets on sale now!

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