Premiere of Th'owxiya: The Hungry Feast Dish by Joseph A. Dandurand

Axis theatre WORLD premiere of th’owxiya: the hungry feast dish

by Kwantlen playwright Joseph A Dandurand


Six storytellers from the Kwantlen Village called Squa’lets spin the First Nations tale of TH’OWXIYA: THE HUNGRY FEAST DISH. The mouth of Th'owxiya holds the most wonderful foods from around the world. But if you steal from her, you will pay a terrible price, for Th’owxiya eats children! When a brave young mouse takes a piece of cheese from Th'owxiya, he is caught. To appease the goddess, he must find two young spirits to sacrifice to her before the moon rises or she will eat his whole family! With the help of two young bears, a raven, and a Sasquatch, the mouse sets forth on a journey for knowledge and forgiveness. TH’OWXIYA: THE HUNGRY FEAST DISH, told through mask and music, has shades of the First Nations story, The Wild Woman of the Woods.


TH’OWXIYA will animate the UBC Botanical Gardens Roseline Sturdy Amphitheatre from Saturday & Sunday June 24th & 25th and July 1st & 2nd, 2017 at 11am and 1pm.

Admission is free: reservations through Eventbrite (

The premiere of TH’OWXIYA: THE HUNGRY FEAST DISH directed by Artistic Director Chris McGregor and assisted by Mika Laulainen. Stage Management by Madison Henry, Assistant Stage Management by Jessica Keenan. Production Design by Jay Havens, Music Composition by Marguerite Witvoet, Sound Design by Stephen Bulat. Performers include Taran Kootenhayoo, Braiden Houle, Tai Amy Grauman, Chelsea Rose Tucker, Mitchell Saddleback, and Merewyn Comeau.

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