The Wild Woman of the Woods

Th'owxiya: The Hungry Feast Dish, by Kwantlen Playwright Joseph A. Dandurand is adapted from the West Coast First Nations Legends about the Wild Woman of the Woods. Storytelling is a huge part of Aboriginal oral traditions and the Wild Woman of the Woods is a character that can be seen in different variations in just about all the north west coast nations. 

Th'owxiya has many names, is sometimes depicted as a Ogress, Sasquatch or an old women carrying a basket on her back. She snatches up children who wander too far into the woods on their own, bringing them back to her camp so she can eat them! The Wild Woman has great powers and is also a bringer of good fortune. If you manage to trick her, she will bring you great wealth! 

Th'owxiya often has accomplices, either family members such as a daughter or sister, or servants such as Sasq'ets in our play.  If you are interested in learning more about the history of Th'owxiya, you can check out our study guide or watch the video about the Wild Woman of the Woods from Aboriginal Tourism BC