Hamelin: A New Fable

Suitable for ages 5+
By Leslie Mildiner
Composer Bob Buckley

"I've seen the error of my ways, that lying never pays!"

In 13th century Germany, Medieval Hamelin Town is way too big for its lederhosen! Governed by a spoiled Mayor, his Mommy and stuffy corporate types who have no interest in its hard-working townsfolk, the town is primed to learn some important lessons in life from our heroes, 10-year-old twins Celeste and Ralph. When it seems that no one other than their Opa Johannes ever keeps their word, the twins come up with a plan to make the grown-ups wake up and smell the strudel. After the ridiculous new taxes render this tight-knit family homeless and desperate for help, they encounter a hapless “Minstrel,” a flute that has seen better days and of course, lots and lots of rats! Full of comedic twists and live music, this high-energy, original adaptation of the Pied Piper of Hamelin fable is a delight for audiences of all ages.

Booking now for the 2018–2019 season.

Winner of a 2015 Jessie Richardson Award for Design Concept and Execution. Please contact the Tour Coordinator by email at tours@axistheatre.com or call 604 669 0631 for more information.

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Photos by Shizuka Kai. Shown in order: Andrew Cohen, Alexander Nicoll, Andrew Wade, Anna Kuman, Christopher Adams and Erik Gow.. 

“A wonderful show!

“The students absolutely loved the performance! Different grade levels caught different levels of humour and they all recognized how skilled your cast is! Thank you so very much for a wonderful show!”

Ecole Hammond Bay, Nanaimo, BC

10 out of 10

"Our students were thoroughly engaged through the entire performance, even interjecting responses at appropriate times!  And hey – when you can get a group of grade ten boys joining in on the choreography, smiling, laughing, and having a great time – you have arrived! One of them walked past me and said 10 out of 10."

— Deer Lake School, Burnaby, BC


“Excellent performances, set decorations, music, and audience participation.”

— Alex Aitken Elementary, North Cowichan, BC

Booking now for the 2018–2019 season

Please contact the Tour Coordinator by email at tours@axistheatre.com or call 604 669 0631 for more information.