The Troll Grandfather

Suitable for ages 5+
By Clem Martini

"The things you love will always change you."

The Troll Grandfather is an epic adventure about a 9-year-old girl named Sandy Nardini and her Grandfather. Sandy is less than pleased to be forced to stay with her Grandpa for the summer. There is nothing to do at his house, he’s old and odd, and he doesn’t know her at all. Sandy knows her mother is battling health issues and suspects that is the reason why she's been sent away. But one night, after being sent to sleep in the study, Sandy uncovers the secret that has kept her Grandpa estranged her whole life – Grandpa is a troll! Suddenly faced with a part of her identity she didn’t know existed, Grandpa and Sandy set out on a dangerous journey to claim Sandy’s magical birthright, a blessing that could save her mother’s life or have dire consequences for their entire family. Filled with mythology and magic, The Troll Grandfather is sure to be one of Axis Theatre’s most memorable productions to date!

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Touring theatres and schools throughout Canada in 2019/20. Please contact the Tour Coordinator by email at, or call 604 669 0631 for more information. 

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Photos by Jayda Novak

Sarah May Redmond (Dragon/Accordion)

Ali Watson (Sandy Nardini)

Thomas Jones (Gren Nardini)

The Troll Grandfather, at its heart, is a play that strives to bridge gaps and connect generations. It asks the simple question: how do we overcome our differences and learn to love one another?
— Clem Martini, Playwright

Booking now for 2019-20 Season

Please contact the Tour Coordinator by email at or call 604 669 0631 for more information.