Thank you for The Troll Grandfather's successful tour!

Our latest and greatest endeavour - The Troll Grandfather just finished it’s first tour. 50 shows, now we are gearing up for another run next season.

Thanks to Susan D. Currie - Stage Manager and Ali Watson, Sarah May Redmond, Thomas C Jones - Actors & Puppeteers. Thanks to the designers - Jessica Oostergo, Dusty Hagerud and Mimi Abrahams and a special thank you to Clem Martini for writing this wonderful conversation piece regarding generation gaps, forgiveness, and of course MAGIC.

Thank you IPAY!

Thank you IPAY!

On behalf of everyone at Axis, we'd like to give a big THANK YOU to the International Performing Arts for Youth and everyone who came out to support us this weekend. We even had a chance to visit with the incomparable Eileen Spinelli, author of SOMEBODY LOVES YOU, MR. HATCH. Eileen, our hearts are warmed by your kind words of appreciation, we love your work and we hope someday you will be able to see the full show!

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