Over 43 years of Physical Theatre!

Since our first show, The Tinder Box, Axis has created over 59 original productions, many of which have stayed in our repertoire for two to five years and performed between 300–500 times while touring all over BC, across Canada and sometimes Internationally! These are just a few of the original plays we've created and toured in Axis’ history.


Hamelin: A New Fable, from January 2015 - April 2017

Photos by Shizuka Kai.

Raven Meets the Monkey King, Toured British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan from 2012–2016

Photography Emily Cooper - Performers Nyla Carpentier, Aaron Lau & Ella Simon

RIP! A Winkle in Time, Waterfront Theatre - May 2014

Photography Pink Monkey Studios - Performers Stefano Giulianetti, Tara Travis and Simon Webb

The Number 14 - 11 Countries - over 1,500 performances in a 20 year lifespan, 1992–2012

Original Creators: Axis Theatre Company and Touchstone Theatre with Roy Surette, Wayne Specht, Colin Heath, Peter Anderson, Gina Bastone, David Mackay, Beatrice Zeilinger and Melody Anderson

Don Quixote by Peter Anderson and Colin Heath

Arts Club Theatre Production 2011 & On Tour 2012 - Centaur Theatre Production 2011

King Arthur's Kitchen, 2008–2011

The Emperor's New Threads, 2006–2009

Driftwood 2006-2007

Broccoli & Butterflies 2003-2004

Lab Antics 2003-2004

Flying Blind 2001

Robinson Crusoe 2000

Trolldom 1997

Disposing of the Dead 1996

Not Just Junk, 1992-1993; Identical Islands, 1988; Hotsy Totsy, 1979

A Comix Tale 1990

Synthetic Energy 1986-87

Peter & the Wolf 1983-84

Fool’s Angel 1982-83

Quick Changes 1979 -80

Hotsy Totsy 1979

B.C. Days 1978-79

Hugo’s Dream 1977-78

Mime Over Matter 1977

The Tinder Box 1976-1977

Early Days of the Company 1975