Professional Adult Workshop

Unique training in Physical Theatre and Clown Work

Axis Theatre is dedicated to providing a high standard of learning opportunities for artists. The objective is to offer a unique training opportunity in clown work in Vancouver. This disciplines has reached sophisticated heights. Learning from a professional, whose work is admired around the world, will deepen the artistic and life experience for those that join in. These workshops are not just for the performer, but will build structure for continued creative exploration with limitless applications.

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Previously: Clown Intensive (Baby Clown)

With John Turner and assistants
May 13 - 28, 2017: 9AM - 6PM

"Are you brave? Because you are going to give birth to your baby clown." –John Turner

This 16 day intensive workshop with one of Canada's most prolific clowns, John Turner ("Smoot' of the infamous duo MUMP & SMOOT). This course is based on the work of Canadian Clown Master Richard Pochinko.

After intense focus on specific exercises, participants will create six masks and learn to express the individualism of each character - without the use of verbal language. The masks are guideposts to the student’s creative playground and as such, are the guideposts to his/her clown. 

Throughout the workshop the rules of clown emerge, giving the student a fundamental understanding of clown and a deeper experience of the elements at play in any performance situation. This workshop is an intense blast and furnishes the student with multiple characters and a malleable structure for continued creative exploration. It is not necessary to be a performer to use this exploration in your work! John is a world renowned instructor and creator and is the founder of the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance.

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For more information, please contact Chris McGregor at or 604 669 0631.